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Second Hand Containers

used shipping container

GGR is a reliable provider of quality new as well as used shipping container dealers in Chennai, India. We offer a wide selection including used shipping containers, container restaurants as well as homes which can come in standard sizes such as 10 feet, 20 feet, and more. We are proud that we provide clean and professionally treated Storage container in Chennai , second-hand options as well as used or new shipping containers offered by us at GGR Enterprises to our clients.

We have such popular offers as the new and used 10-foot second-hand cargo shipping containers to meet different needs. Schools, sports clubs, allotments, and businesses benefit from our reliable and cost-effective solutions. Moreover, we offer flexibility to our customers by manufacturing containers of varied lengths not limited to only 10 feet standard. Through the detailed videos and images that are provided, our commitment to customer satisfaction can be seen because clients will make informed decisions.

If you need storage for documents, files, equipment, or shipping items we have a Storage container in Chennai that is both affordable and can fit any required space. They can be made to suit the needs regarding refrigeration, insulation, or ventilation. Moreover, our used shipping storage crates are rather versatile and can become convenient facilities for many purposes – site offices, shelters, or interconnecting structures such as clubhouses or scout huts.

The GGR in Chennai promises to provide the best customer care and satisfaction. Our uniqueness is in the provision of quality new and used cargo boxes, which means that our customers in Chennai are assured of obtaining customized solutions for various people’s purposes.

New and Used Second Hand Shipping Storage Containers

The purchase of used sea containers for sale from GGR in Chennai, India is a smooth process since the company has access to an extensive inventory of second-hand quality at affordable prices. We offer various standard sizes, including 8',10',20’,40’, and 45' freight containers, as well as non-standard options such open tops reefer high cubes flat racks Boxes.

Container conversion

Container conversion is our passion. A container conversion in Chennai, India is one of our special services and includes all types of modifications. We have undertaken a wide variety of container conversions using basic Refurbished cargo containers as the building blocks, fitting all kinds of doors and components. we have extensive experience in container conversion projects and are well-positioned to provide expert solutions to all your modified container needs. Previous projects include Container office, event housing, canteens, exhibition modules, generator housing, fuel tanks, water treatment units, and much more.

Container for Hire

GGR in Chennai, India provides a wide range of new and used 10ft storage shipping crates for hire equipment together with flexible and competitively priced rental contracts means that we are well positioned to meet all your requirements. cargo containers supplied for hire include 8-foot storage shipping containers, 10-foot storage shipping containers, 20-foot storage shipping containers, 40-foot ocean containers 45 45-foot storage shipping container-sized units, and more. At GGR you can take fast delivery wherever you are located.

Extensible Short and Long Term New and second hand container on hire in Chennai (Rental) Agreements

Storage container

Recycled transport containers in Chennai is made easy with GGR Enterprises, India because we can hold an extensive range of container storage so you can purchase or hire the ideal container storage solution for your needs. Because of their mobility and durability storage container shipping represents an excellent container storage solution. Together with standard freight containers, we can also supply specialist equipment such as refrigerated, double, single-door, or side access units.

5 Reasons to pick New and Used second hand shipping storage Container for Hire at GGR

  • 8', 10', 20', 40' and 45' units
  • Portable cabin offices
  • Reefers
  • Insulated containers
  • Portable toilets
  • Anti-vandal cabins
  • Portable canteens

We provide New and used 10ft second-hand shipping storage containers for hire for both short and long term lease periods so that you can have the storage container for hire as little or long as you need it for.

Reasonable Rental Pricing for Shipping Containers

Because GGR owns an extraordinary fleet of cargo vessels you can ship containers for hire directly from the source. By dealing directly with us we can provide used shipping boxes in India at very reasonable prices.

Excellent Customer Service

For more years we have been supplying Second-hand freight containers for sale throughout Chennai, India, and globally. We understand the importance of great customer service so our container leasing teams are constantly striving to provide you with a high level of customer satisfaction.

Fast Delivery

Our nationwide network of depots means that we can provide fast and stress-free delivery to your location anywhere in India. The diverse range of containers for hires, flexible lease agreements, competitive pricing, fast delivery, and outstanding customer service means you can rely on GGR in Chennai, India to meet your container-for-hire requirements.