Porta Cabins office

Porta Site Office Cabin in India

GGR Chennai, India creating very good Portable Site Office Cabin containers in the south India metropolitan city, Chennai and we are manufacturing porta cabin, portable office, office cabin and prefabricated cabin and storage containers in Chennai. Mainly we use fresh containers to make their orders as customer needs they have their proper design catalogue models and they used to follow what the design used to select by the customers and if the containers paint using high cost water proof paint and it could not get damage both in winter and summer colors are also used to select by the customers as their needs.


Porta Cabin Office

GGR in Chennai, India used to create a best container for Porta Cabin Office in India and it is easily used to move from one place to the other place around in Chennai, India. Prefabricated Container house and Storage Containers in Chennai, India and we have sample containers are arranged by the wood finishing and various size available we have 20 feet and 40 feet container and all the cabin equipped with AC.

Prefabricated Portable Site Office Cabin Products

Porta cabin, portable cabin, porta cabin office, portable house, portable containers, prefabricated office, prefabricated house, bunk house and green house, traffic sheds, bunk house, hospitals, garage, green house, site office cabin, portable bunk house, portable site house office and these containers fully furnished and treated well fully equipped safety needs to be arranged inside containers and electricity leakage is thoroughly checked inside the containers particularly for the AC to check whether it conduct minimum amount of current.Inside containers fully furnished with the wood and also water proof at the time of winter season rain water could not affect the containers

Portable Site Office cabin - Salient Features

  • Portable Cabin Office used to make of high quality ISI standard steel containers and inside containers fully furnished with the high quality woods
  • Materials are used in porta cabin is high quality ISI standards.
  • AC inside the containers is available and during summer climate it is very useful.
  • High quality electronic material is used with ISI standards.
  • PVC plywood's and sheets that is used for the containers and best mica that is used for the Porta cabin office boards inside containers.
  • Container used to paint using enamel, corrosive and water proof paints and it could not affect the container and protect from rust.
  • Inside and outside design is used to select by the customer and particular selected designs are high quality standards.